Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another installment in our ENDLESS PARADE OF TURTLES! (for Luka)

SPOTTED POND TURTLE (Geoclemys hamiltonii)

These rather handsome devils are found in northern India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Also referred to as the Black Pond or Asian Spotted Pond Turtle

The adults reach a length of 14 inches.

The PLASTRON (under shell) of an adult Spotted

This older male ponders the implications of crayfish, snail, or small frog for dinner. Hmmmm, what goes best with a 1956 Chateau Le Quaquaqua?

They inhabit slow or still bodies of fresh water with ample aquatic vegetation.

Turtle on a desk shows us the distinctive 3 keels on the CARAPACE (upper shell).

This baby Spotted was hatched as part of a breeding program in northern India. The distribution of these turtles is very spotty across their range, and it is suspected that they may be endangered.

BABY TURTLE PARTY!!! I'll bring the chopped up beef heart and live earth worms, you bring the buckets... baby turtles and water will be provided by the hall.

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