Monday, March 16, 2009


The beginning of a series of posts on various species in the Order ANURA, the frogs and toads...

Yellow Spotted or Boulenger's Tree Toad (Pedostibes hosii)

As the name suggests, Pedostibes climbs into trees. This is not normal behavior for the usually land based toads. Notice the enlarged adhesive toe discs for better grip.

Someone is not amused with your fake British accent.

As with many members of the True Toad family (Bufonidae), The Yellow Spotted has prominent cranial ridges and tuberculous (bumpy or warty) skin.

Throughout its range in Southeast Asia, this toad can vary in color from green with yellow spots to orange or brown.

Let's get it on Froggies! The smaller and more drably colored male amplexes (amplexus - the breeding embrace of anurans) the female in this laboratory container.

One of the elusive tadpoles of P. hosii in an aquarium in Borneo

Tomato Frog (Discophis antongilii)

The Tomato Frog is endemic (only found there) to Madagascar (as are 99.6 % of the frogs in Madagascar), where it is found in a variety of habitats near water.

Punks step up to get beat down! The Tomato makes a threat posture, lifting itself up and inflating. If seized it can release a mildly poisonous and sticky solution from its skin.

As with all frogs, when swallowing they must use the backs of the eyes to help push down food, a this Tomato Frog does. Anurans do not have the same esophageal muscles we do to aid in downing food, usually small invertebrates.

As with many of the Malagasy (from Madagascar) fauna (animals), they are listed as near threatened from habitat destruction.

Amplexus shows us a comparison of the male and female, both in size and pattern. The male is on top, and will not release sperm until the female releases her eggs in water. Fertilization is usually external for Anurans.

Coronated or Crowned Treefrog (Anotheca spinosa)

THEY GIVES US THE PRECIOUS!!! This entirely arboreal species of frog emerges from its lair.

The spike like projections found on the head that give the frog its name

The juvenile frogs lack the crown.

Crowned Treefrogs are found in Cloud Forests (montane rainforests) in the lower half of Central America (from Costa Rica to Panama).

The adults mate in tree cavities and bamboo sections filled with water, thus not even coming down form the trees to reproduce, as many arboreal anurans do.

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